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Benefits of Interdisciplinary Senior Design

Students who participate in Interdisciplinary Senior Design (ISD) will design, build, and test a real product or system, while learning teamwork skills and how to complete projects on time and within budget while working on a multidisciplinary team. The structure of the program provides several benefits including:

Honing professional skills
and building a personal brand

Preparing for
professional practice

Choosing Which Program is Right for You

When choosing which senior design project to participate in, there are several factors for students to consider. Use the table below to compare Interdisciplinary Senior Design and Departmental Senior Design.

Program Element Departmental Senior Design Interdisciplinary Senior Design
Faculty Mentor for Each Team Varies by Course Yes
Project Source UT Researchers and External Clients External Clients
Project Funding Varies by project
  • $15,000 typical
    (exceptions for small and medium-sized companies & humanitarian projects)
Project Travel
  • Local Only
  • Domestic travel fully funded
  • Expect at least three visits to client sites
Project Sponsor Location
  • Typical: Within 25-mile radius
  • Continental US
  • Mostly within 200-mile radius
Student Disciplines
  • Engineering only
  • Ranges from one to three, depending on the home department
  • All engineering and business disciplines are eligible to participate
Course Credits
  • Varies by department
  • Minimum is a single 3-credit course
  • Maximum is 8 credits spread over 2 semesters
  • Two 3-credit courses
Course Structure
  • Varies by department
  • Class lectures on relevant topics with external meetings
  • Lectures to learn the process
  • Workshops with coach to apply the process
  • Weekly client meetings
Prototypes Required
  • Varies by department
  • Typically, a final prototype (breadboards acceptable)
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP1) end of Semester 1
  • MVP2 middle of Semester 2
  • Fully functional system end of Semester 2
General Education
Oral Communications
Varies by Course Yes
General Education
Communications Through Writing
Varies by Course Yes
General Education
Applied Oral Communications
General Education
Engaged lnquiries
TBD Yes (approval pending)

We are now accepting applications for Interdisciplinary Senior Design.

Rising senior business and engineering students are encouaged to apply.